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Basic Checklist Guide
Basic IMRT QA/Portal Dosimetry Guide
Daily Morning QA Guide
Electron Cutout Calibration Walkthrough
Khan Chapter 1 Summary
Khan Chapter 2 Summary
Khan Chapter 3 Summary
Khan Chapter 4.5 Summary
Khan Chapter 5 Summary
Khan Chapter 6 Summary
Khan Chapter 7 Summary
Khan Chapter 27 Summary
Monthly Mechanical QA Guide
Machine Specification Guide
PDD Hand Calculation Guide
PDD MU Hand Calculation Guide
TAR Hand Calculation Guide
TMR Hand Calculation Guide

Contouring & Shortcuts:

AAMD 04/06/19 – A Brachial Plexus Contouring Guide
Alternative Bowel Contouring Method
Contouring Tips & Tricks Part 1
Contouring Tips & Tricks Part 2
Shortcut Keys for the Eclipse TPS


10 Medical Physics Memes
10 MORE Medical Physics Memes
10 FINAL Medical Physics Memes

What video planning tutorials are on the way?

  • 5/20/19 – VMAT Breast/CW with Flash Planning with Bolus
  • 6/3/19 – Breast Electronic (Irregular Surface) Compensator Planning
  • 7/15/19 – Breast V105% Field-in-Field Planning
  • 3D Esophagus 4-Field Planning
  • 09/02/19 – VMAT Prostate & Lymph Nodes Planning
  • 09/02/19 – 3D Lung Parallel Opposed Obliques Planning
  • 09/02/19 – 3D Whole Brain Radiation Planning
  • 3D Spine Wedge Pair Planning
  • 3D Rectum 3-Field Planning

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