Poll: The Future of Treatment Planning

Poll Results: https://dosepedia.com/2019/06/24/results-poll-the-future-of-treatment-planning/

Hi, this is a poll we’ve created to gauge the public’s perspective on the changes coming/expected to come to treatment planning. For more information about the poll, you can read the text down below, and please share this poll with others that you know in the field.

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Elon Musk sets a personal rule that he cannot talk about simulation theory among his peers without setting a strict time slot because he knows it’s a conversation that will never end.

You might feel the same about automated planning at your workplace or dosimetry/physics conference where ultimately, it becomes an topic of endless conversation, perhaps one not even having worth started. The purpose of this survey is to tally the perspectives of the public anonymously such that no individual’s perspective is shunned, which could happen if he/she was expressive in the workplace or on the internet.

LASTLY, BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY: It’s almost an inevitable truth that computers will become even more involved in planning with time. So the last section will poll the public on ideas to best prepare his/herself to adapt for the future.